Haseltine Lake Partners head to Asia on a “Brexit and IP” Roadshow

27 11月 2018

Haseltine Lake Partners Daniel Chew and Michael Conway have headed to Asia on their “Brexit and IP” roadshow, over the course of which they will deliver a number of seminars on what Brexit will mean for IP in each of the counties they are visiting.

Daniel who is a Partner and UK European Patent Attorney in the Electronics Team and Michael who is a Partner and UK and European Trade Mark Attorney in the Trade Marks and Brand Identity Team will be touring several countries including China, Taiwan and South Korea. Among other topics they will discuss:

  • The status of granted vs. pending EU trademarks & designs
  • EU opposition and invalidity proceedings
  • Practical protection strategies & timeframes
  • Differences in practice between the UK & EU

You can find the invite to their event in Seoul, South Korea on the 6th December here. The event is free to attend and all are welcome with the event aimed at professionals who play a role in IP at their company. There is no need to officially RSVP but if you would like to attend we would appreciate it if you could email HLAsia@haseltinelake.com.

Daniel Chew
Daniel Chew
勤務地: ロンドン (英国)
Michael Conway
Michael Conway
勤務地: ブリストル (英国)

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