Haseltine Lake wins Mondaq award

13 11月 2018

Haseltine Lake is proud to have been presented Mondaq’s award for ‘Contributor with Most Popular Article in UK’ for October for our article titled “New EPO Guidelines on Mathematical Methods, AI and Machine Learning”. The award is for the article which had the most reads in the period by Mondaq’s registered business readers. The author of the article is Caroline Day, a Partner from the firm’s Electronics and Communications Team. The article is part of a set written by the attorneys of Haseltine Lake on the new Guidelines for examination at the EPO which came into force on 1st November 2018. Each article examines the changes and how they will affect patent applications.

You can read Caroline’s award winning article here.

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Our Expert
Caroline Day
Caroline Day
勤務地: ブリストル (英国)

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