Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards 2019 – Call for Nominations Now Open

20 11月 2018

Haseltine Lake are proud to be supporting Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner and Awards for the second year running. Lead Partner for our Glasgow office, Magnus Johnston, will be attending the event along with several other Partners from our Chemistry and Life Sciences Team.

One of the key purposes of the event, which will take place on Thursday 28th February 2019, is to reward individuals, companies and organisations who have made a major contribution to the development of the life sciences sector in Scotland over the last year. Nominations are now open for Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards 2019, providing a great opportunity to nominate anyone or any company who deserves recognition for their work in this area. The seven awards up for grabs are:

  • Business Leadership Award (2018)
  • Rising Stars: Extraordinary Talent Award (2018)
  • Rising Stars: High-Growth Company Award (2018)
  • Innovation Award- Sponsored by Haseltine Lake
  • Innovative Collaboration Award
  • Investment of the Year Award (2018)
  • Outstanding Skills Development

So, if you know of someone who would be a worthy recipient of one or more of these prestigious awards then make sure to nominate them online by Friday 7th December.

Our Expert
Magnus Johnston
Magnus Johnston
勤務地: ブリストル (英国)

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