Exam success for Haseltine Lake

07 3月 2019

Haseltine Lake’s trainees have yet again excelled themselves in the UK patent exams!

The UK patent exams are notoriously tough and so it’s no surprise that out of all of those in the UK who took the papers only 10 candidates passed all four of the Final exams this year. Despite the challenging nature of the Final exams, we are delighted that 3 of the 10 candidates that passed all four Final exams were from Haseltine Lake!

Especially big congratulations go to Michael Ford, Grace Wood, Eamon Robinson, Nina Szamocki and Joanna Rowley who, as a result of their exam successes, are now UK qualified Patent Attorneys. Grace Wood was also awarded the Michael Jones Prize for achieving the highest mark in the amendment paper, and Nina Szamocki won the Drafting Prize. This means that HL took home 2 out of the 5 prizes available for the Final exams. 

Nina comments “I am thrilled to have qualified as a UK Patent Attorney and to see my many years of hard work pay off. I couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone at HL, especially everyone in the Engineering Team who have assisted me through the entire training process.”

This exam success is partly down to HL’s excellent training programme, the HL Academy, which has seen trainees go through 90 Foundation exams and pass 88 of them. Of course, no credit can be taken away from the individuals who worked extremely hard to achieve the results that they did. Our congratulations go to you all!

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