Design protection strategies explained at key business seminar

22 4月 2016

Haseltine Lake recently hosted a design seminar, aimed at helping businesses enhance their design protection strategy. 

Haseltine Lake Design Seminar

Titled, “Design rights and wrongs – maximising the value of product designs”, the event was hosted in partnership with integrated innovation, research and design consultancy, Kinneir Dufort. The seminar saw over 40 attendees from businesses operating in a variety of technology sectors, gather to hear practical advice from the perspective of both designers and intellectual property and design protection specialists. The seminar discussed strategies for identifying commercially valuable designs, and how to protect and enforce those that add real value to your business.

Martin Krause, Trade Mark and Designs Partner and Head of Litigation at Haseltine Lake, comments, “Now the dust has settled on the UK Supreme Court’s decision regarding the infringement of Bristol company Magmatic’s registered design for its ‘Trunki’ suitcase, we thought it an appropriate time to share our expertise with businesses for developing a robust design strategy. By partnering with Kinneir Dufort for this event, we have been able to offer businesses a truly holistic view on how to link design protection with the product design process and maximise the value of a business’ product designs.”

Craig Wightman, Design Director at Kinneir Dufort adds, “The recent Trunki ruling highlights the important subject of design registration. As design consultants, we are in the business of generating IP for our clients through our innovation, design and engineering skills. This event has allowed us to showcase our approaches and with the hands-on expertise of Haseltine Lake, we have been able to share with businesses our tips for both protecting and making the most of those creative assets.”

Click here to download the full press release.

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