Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe (Partner) - ロンドン (英国)

Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe



  • UK and European Patent Attorney


  • BSc Physics (Bristol University)


  • Electronics and Communications
    • Electronics
    • Communications
    • Computing
    • Electrical
  • Energy, Environmental and Engineering
    • Energy
    • Aerospace, defence & marine
    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • Civil & structural engineering

Elizabeth's career in IP began in 1998 at the Electrical Division of the UK Intellectual Property Office where she worked as an Examiner. She moved into private practice in 1999 where she qualified both as a Chartered UK Patent Attorney and as a European Patent Attorney. Elizabeth now leads Haseltine Lake's High-Tech team in London, a specialist cross-disciplinary unit which sits between electronics and engineering.

Elizabeth's practice involves working very closely with inventors, company directors and in-house legal practitioners to provide advice at all stages of the IP lifecycle, from invention capture through to infringement and validity analysis when contentious matters arise.  

Elizabeth's technical experience spans a wide range of inventions appropriate to her physics background including telecommunications, civil engineering, optical devices, medical imaging and diagnostics, magnetic tagging and RFID, software-related inventions and inventions incorporating advanced computer electronics. More recently she has drafted a high number of patent applications relating to semiconductor technologies.

コンタクト Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe (Partner)
住所 Lincoln House,
5th Floor 300 High Holborn,
WC1V 7JH United Kingdom
E: ECooper-Rolfe@haseltinelake.com
T: +44 (0) 207 611 7900
F: +44 (0) 207 611 7901

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